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Nice to see you! We are Boyko and Silvana from Lavanda Bed&Breakfast!

When in 2005 we came for first time to the village of Kovachevitsa, we had no idea that it’s magic will charm us so much that a year and a half later, we will rearrange all family and business plans and will end up building guest house in the small Rhodopi mountain village.

With romantic ideas and with pink glasses on, we started building authentic Bulgarian house made of stone wood and clay. Our experience was quite stormy and we often felt that “this spoon is too big for our mouth”.

In 2007 we have decided to be near the construction site, so we rented the bistro next door. Inspired by our life in England and Mexico we were preparing nachos, chocolate muffins, tiramisu, Margaritas and Mojito cocktails to the village visitors searching for alternative experience. Now days this doesn’t sound like big deal, but in 2007 Bulgarian countryside was still quite behind the modern city life and such things where avantgarde especially in a small village like Kovachevitsa.

It took us four years to transform the construction into a contemporary yet traditional Lavanda and in 2011 our big dream to create beautiful place where authentic Bulgarian architecture is in perfect harmony with modern style was real.

From then to now we have come a long way that wasn’t always easy and wasn’t always sweet-smelling of lavender. We had serious challenges, but the most important part of our journey is that we manage not to give up. Over those years met many friends and now we are 10 times more confident that through Lavanda we share our passion in hospitality and we take guests to our little lavander world, close to nature, with delicious comfort food, harmony and coziness.

Today there are more than 10 the clients that have been coming back to Lavanda for a decade now. This gives us strength to continue ahead with the growth of this project and since we bought the two close by properties and of course the above mentioned bistro we will continue to dream big and to work for sustainable growth of Lavanda in Kovachevitsa.

Our partner in this adventure is Victor Penev who is one of the pioneers in the Bulgarian internet, co-founder of Netinfo, the biggest internet company in Bulgaria and currently growing Edamam –  a tech company about eating better by delivering healthy nutrition data solutions.

How to find us

Please have in mind that to Kovachevitsa (Ковачевица) the only way is through Gotse Delchev or Garmen and Ognyanovo. Do not take the mountain route through Sarnitsa, because this road is in bad shape!

Kovachevitsa is located 64 km from Bansko and it’s about one hour drive. From Bansko take direction to the city of Gotse Delchev, (we advise you to pass through Gotse Delchev, not through Ognyanovo, as the road is better). The distance between Gotse Delchev and Kovachevitsa is 24 km.On your way to Gotse Delchev you will arrive to a roundabout from which you have to take the 3rd exit (to the left) to Kovachevitsa. After few km you will see a sight for Garmen and Kovachevitsa and you turn left. Continue until you see a sign to Kovachevitsa on the right side. Once on that road continue just straight. You will pass the village of Leshten and after is the busy village of Gorno Drianovo. The next coming village is Kovachevitsa.

If you are using GPS this are our coordinates: N 41.41.158 E 023.49.446

Lavanda is located in the lower part of the village. You can drive directly to the house, but have in mind that the streets are narrow and paved with stone slabs. You also have the option to park your vehicle on the main street of the village and first come down to Lavanda on foot. After that you can decide if you want to take your car down. The distance from the main street to Lavanda Bed&Breakfast is not more than 10 min. on foot. There are limited parking spaces next to Lavanda and we can’t always guarantee parking availability.

After you enter the village of Kovachevitsa continue straight on the main street. You will pass by the Elementary school “Yorge Dimitrov” on your left, the tavern “Sinia vir” on the right side. Continue straight until you see T-junction with options for right and left. On the right side you will see the street doing slightly up and signs for The Pub (Brothers Tavern). On the left you will see a wooden bench and a stone drinking fountain. You have to get the left junction and continue just straight and down, keeping right to that street.

You will get to a small square with another stone drinking fountain, continue straight and down and you will see on your left a small tunnel between two houses with sign in German and Bulgarian. Don’t go through the tunnel, just continue straight and down. You will get to a part of the street with 4 houses next to each other on your left side and on the right you will see а stone fence and some small gardens. Continue straight and down, the last house on the left is the house of Bulgarian writer Georgi Danailov with landmark in front of the porch – a stone statue of San Bernard dog. Than follows a little descent and you will arrive to another little square with two small streets – to right and left. On the square you can unload your luggage and reverse the car. The street on the right side will take you to directly the porch of Lavanda Bed&Breakfast. If you find available parking on the little square or on the left street you can park there, but if there is no available space, you will need to park your car up on the main street.

As Others See Us

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