The Location

Kovachevitsa and how to find us in the village

The village of Kovachevitsa has existed since the end of the 17th century and was the cultural center of the whole region. The architectural style of the local houses has not changed since the establishment of the village, as only wood and stone are used for the construction of the houses. Kovachevitsa hides inexplicable magic, and the architecture in the village is quite impressive. 

Getting to Kovachevitsa (Ковачевица) is only through Gotse Delchev or Garmen and Ognyanovo. The mountain route through Sarnitsa, is in bad shape!

Kovachevitsa is located 64 km from Bansko and it’s about one hour drive. From Bansko you continue to Ognyanovo. The distance from Ognyanovo to Kovachevitsa is 12 km. After Ognyanovo you will see a sign to Kovachevitsa to the left. Once on that small mountain road continue just straight. You will pass the village of Leshten and after is the busy village of Gorno Drianovo. The next coming village is Kovachevitsa.

If you are using GPS this are our coordinates: N 41.41.158 E 023.49.446

Lavanda is located in the lower part of the village and there is no parking around. You can came by car to deliver your language but than you need to drive up and park on the main street. Village streets are narrow and paved with stone slabs. The distance from the main street to Lavanda is not more than 7 min. walking.

After you enter the village of Kovachevitsa continue straight on the main street. You will pass by the Elementary school “Yorge Dimitrov” on your left, the tavern “Sinia vir” on the right side. Continue straight until you see T-junction with options for right and left. On the right side you will see the street doing slightly up and signs for The Pub (Brothers Tavern). On the left you will see a wooden bench and a stone drinking fountain. You have to get the left junction and continue just straight and down, keeping right to that street.

You will get to a small square with another stone drinking fountain, continue straight and down and you will see on your left a small tunnel between two houses with sign in German and Bulgarian. Don’t go through the tunnel, just continue straight and down. You will get to a part of the street with 4 houses next to each other on your left side and on the right you will see а stone fence and some small gardens. Continue straight and down, the last house on the left is the house of Bulgarian writer Georgi Danailov with landmark in front of the porch – a stone statue of San Bernard dog. Than follows a little descent and you will arrive to another little square with two small streets – to right and left. On the square you can unload your luggage and reverse the car. The street on the right side will take you to directly the porch of Lavanda.