Sunflower room

Sunflower room room allows early risers to enjoy the morning sunlight. The room offers unique views of the village with its cascading stone roofs and snow white facades. The balcony in front of the room is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee or sip your evening drink.

Lavender room

Lavender room is spacious double room that offers expansive view over the rocky canyon of “Kanina” river. The inviting bed in this room will transfer you to a fine and peaceful lavender world. Surrounded by the silence of the mountain, you may find sleeping in every day. For reading or for afternoon nap, Lavender room offers a charming seating area by the windows.

Walnut room

Walnut room is a cozy double bedroom, not suitable for families with children. Featuring wood paneling that creates a secluded atmosphere and coziness. The room basks in sunlight throughout the day and offers beautiful views of the mountain and river gorge. This room has particular charm and romantic feel. If you are looking to get away form it all, Walnut is the perfect choice for you.

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